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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
(That's Xebec.)
I can't remember whether the Xebec software uses any hard-coded geometry. If you want to try setting up an emulated A1000+9720H config and can't get it working I'll take a look at it.
Hi Mark_K,

I don't know if B14ck W01f has the Xebec HDF sorted, but I'm struggling.

I have tried a 5, 10, 20 & 40mb HDF. The one's that nearly work are the 5 & 10mb ones. They get as far as Installing WB from the Xebec setup disk and stop with an error when it gets to copying 'park'. The larger HDF's stop with the error 'DH0: is not a dos disk'.

I'm using the same config as the Tecmar. Default CHS values and the 3.4 beta fix from post your post above.

I googled around for this and apparently the HD used with the Xebec card was a ST-506, 5mb?
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