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I updated the _whdload.hdf which came with the emuextras pack for Xbox 1 with the latest WHDLoad. Loaded it into UAE4ARM as DH0.
I renamed a .whd game created by your script to .hdf and loaded it into DH1 and started UAE4ARM and it works great, just like on the Xbox 1 with WinUAEX as I expected it to.
My only trouble now is trying to map my 8BITDO Pro nub to act as the mouse.
There is also a way to associate .uae config files with UAE4ARM so that they act as game placements in a list in RetroPie here which I've not had time to try as yet.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Well, to get WHDLoad to 18.2, ADF is not going to work with current settings, because with 2 Kickstart roms, WHDLoad key file it's already over size of disk.

I created 2 ADFs, one for OCS/ECS games and other one for AGA games.
I don't use an .adf, I use a seperate .hdf image which contains all roms and the latest WHDLoad to boot with. I can send you it if you like to give it a try.

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