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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Well if uae4arm can use a zip file or lha file as a harddisk then there would be no need to reprocess everything into hdf files, you could just use the packs as hard drives dierctly. It would require a modified boot floppy disc image though, which would scan the packs for whdload slaves and readmes on the fly and put them in a little menu.
Can someone have a look and see if archives are supprted as hard drives in uae4arm? It has to be zip and lha file support to be useful. If so I can probably make a new boot floppy for it.

No need for HDF files for RPi. Just unzip games on RPi in games folder and attach it as Hard Disk in Amiga. It works without any issues.

UAE4ARM has 1GB limit for HDF, so ClassicWB setup (512MB) with second HDF as folder is ideal. You can run iGame or other loaders once you get everything running. I still like to use workbench to get to game... (nostalgia )

I might check ZIP over the weekend, once I update to latest RetroPie.
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