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I need a new Amiga game to develop - any requests?

Hello all.

As some of you may know, I have been writing Maxwell Mouse (a Dizzy-style platform/puzzle thing) for some time now. It's taking a long time because of the difficulty in sourcing graphics - it's a big game and about five people have done various things for it but it's hard to find one or two people to truly commit to it which is frustrating. Likewise, I miss working on something that develops quickly and tangibly, so I've decided I want a little side project to keep me satisfied.

Some of you may recall I did this years ago and ended up with Downfall. Well, I want to do something similar this time, taking a concept, coding it and sharing the code and development with you all as it happens. When it's done, all the code (hopefully fully commented) and assets will be made freely available, perhaps inspiring others with any luck.

So, has anyone got a concept they'd like to see done on an Amiga? Preferably, something that's not been seen too much on our machine. Any ideas in the world of mobile games, indie games, 'homebrew' (ugh) for other retro systems that could be adapted? Anything that you are especially taken with?

Some guidelines:

- It will be written in Blitz Basic 2.1.

- It needs to be something relatively simple and arcade-like, so it can be written in months as opposed to years.

- It won't be a direct port, it will be a new, made-from-scratch game with the chosen idea in mind.

- It needs to be score-based so it can be played for competition purposes at events (or at least adapted to do so with things like time limits etc, perhaps) like Downfall was, and indeed our very own regular Super League competition on EAB/Lemon.

- Easy to pick up and play (for events like above), e.g. so kids can sit down and have fun with it if they want to.

- Multiplayer potential is optional.

So if anyone has any ideas, I would be most grateful if you would share them here and who knows, it may even give others inspiration too, if they're looking to keep themselves busy. Thank you everyone
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