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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
It doesn't.

Second Z2 fast ram is set to 256k. ("Hidden" in select menu in 3.4. Only first Z2 and Z3 is normally visible)

btw, workaround (before proper fix) to your crash case is simple: switch off 256k fast ram and set Z3 mapping mode to UAE.

PS: Can I ask for a feature? I think it's great that WinUAE decides witch joystick is active with a single press of a button. It's great! I've been using lots of different real-Amiga DB9 joysticks with WinUAE because of this feature. It reminds us of the real "plug ang play" that was available on the Amiga. But can you make the first button press - the one that decides which joystick is active - count as an actual button press as well? Because if I want to play a said game and it says "press to fire play", I actually have to press fire twice. Once to activate the joystick and then again to start the game. Is it actually possible to make the button press that activates the joystick automatically count as a fire-press as well? Nitpicking, I know, and not a bug or serious issue, but it would make the games work as intended, without the need for extra fire-button tapping.
It is by design. To prevent game doing something when you only want to switch joysticks. It is more safe option.
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