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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
I hope this is it. Used 3.3.0 with my non-changed A4000/40 (used for AmigaSys) config. Worked well with 3.3.0, doesn't with 3.4.0 beta.
Log was fine. I guessed right, this will be fixed in next beta. (But just wondering why your config has 256K of Z2 RAM configured)

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You could please try the SPS disks of Aladdin, Toni? With the latest few betas (also tried the one from yesterday) the game runs in app. 40fps (ingame!!) with Low Latency Vsync enabled. Other AGA games i've tested are fine so far.
"Works for me" as expected. (Loaded old Aladdin statefile and switched to low latency vsync). "Not enough information". Statefile and config is minimum requirements.
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