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It depends..

Slow RAM is totally pointless in expanded configurations. No program that requires slow ram is going to work with fast CPUs and RTG anyway

Hige Chip RAM size is also mostly pointless, maybe max 16M or so makes sense in some specific situations.

Something like 1.5G of total RAM is possible without side-effects. (by using multiple Z3 boards, 3.4 required)

~3G is possible (64-bit winuae needed) but because it has to cross 2G "border" and some low level memory routines in exec stupidly use bit 31 as error bit, you'll get reboot loops or crashes if any reset proof program (including setpatch) tries to use "high" ram.. >2G also confuses most memory size reporting routines, you get negative free ram etc.. (just like >2G drive free space reporting)
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