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hardfile not readable anymore

i have an os3.9 configuration with a 512mb system hardfile (System) and a 1024mb games hardfile (Games01).
today i wanted to add a second 1024mb games hardfile (Games02). because the first one was getting full (97%).
and now both 1024mb drives are not recognized by amigaos. both are set to not bootable (-128 priority).
what could have happenend to my first games hardfile? can i fix it somehow?
the first and until today working one (Games01) now shows:
65536/1/32, 2097152/2097152 blocks, 1024.0MB/1024.0MB
DOS............. [444F5305 00000000 00000000 00000000] [Too many cyls]
the second one i created today (Games02) shows the same:
65536/1/32, 2097152/2097152 blocks, 1024.0MB/1024.0MB
................ [00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000] [Too many cyls]
and what do these * mean before some of the mounted drives?
inside emulation both hdfs are "uninitialized".
i'm a idiot, i made backups of the system hdf while setting up boingbags 3&4, but i made no backup of games hdf.
can i read hdf files in windows so i could copy out the data somehow and put it into a new hdf? if hdf is not broken?

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