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Ok, time for an update I think.
We've all seen this before, I'm sure...

I got 2 joysticks, and the kids have been entertained with "The Great Giana Sisters", although as I noted in another thread, they found the up to jump mechanic difficult to get used to, and I admit I never got used to it myself...

I've made a few purchases, and I'm just waiting for them to be delivered. A A604n Memory Expansion. A 16GB mSATA SSD, mSATA SSD to 44 pin IDE (5 volt version!), a 44 pin IDE cable, a USB to 44 pin IDE adaptor. I'm also probably purchasing a mouse/joystick autoswitcher, to prevent wear and tear on the mouse port.

The SSD to IDE adapter has arrived, as has the 44 pin IDE cable, but knowing my luck I'll have to wait until next week for the rest to arrive (It's Thursday afternoon here now) so I can get anything done.

And because we all like hardware pr0n:
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