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I prefer FinalWriter 97. It has elegant GUI and does what I need for basic word processing, and I think it doesn't lose with features either. It has really fine printing output too, in old times it was way better than other programs did, and still does really good job on today's laser printers.

Sometimes I've also used Amiga Writer, and while it's pretty fine program, I still feel more like home with FW97 and keep launching it by default. FW was developed much longer, so it also feels more mature software. If I need some quick good quality printout I always go for FW97.

Why I still use these? Because I mostly create documents and printable material myself, so I don't need mainstream compatibility at home. And I don't want to turn on PCs or Macs just for doing a page or two for printing something, because I mostly use Amigas and compatibles at home. So, perfectly fine for my use and not useless at all!

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