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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
..but I'm not so sure the FPU implementation is going exactly as expected. If it is, it's hard to explain Gunnar's post from May 24th
It's easy to explain: plans changed as so many times before. Gunnar decided to not open a new can of bugs with adding the FPU but to iron out all minor quirks and little oddities in the integer part before touching the FPU. Even though there most probably still are some such quirks and oddities (other would call them bugs), this seems a very reasonable approach. The integer part of the 68080 is now a more exact reimplementation of the 68k architecture than UAE which is pretty mature.

A lot of work was done on the FPU years ago, all 040-FPU instructions are implemented and also tested. What is missing is testing program flow and flags set by the instructions. This will also be a lot of work but I'm pretty sure we will see it progress quite quickly.
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