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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
@Ransom: Don´t be put off because of the endless one-life-thing. The gameplay is well balanced. You´ll play a LOT longer than Flappy Bird in one session unless you are really crap at shoot´em-ups. Think more like Canabalt or comparable endless games. I saw people playing for one minute or longer at their first go – and if you practice real hard you´ll be playing like 5 or 10 minutes before dying. Even endless if your reactions are otherworldly.

The feel is not that different to your standard Amiga shoot´em-up – and more rewarding than R-Type if I dare to say so.
Don't get me wrong its a great game. And i will ReVisit ReShoot again. Just some minor flaws.

Oh yeah and that music. Amiga could do much better music then that. The music draws you away from the game. You need a good jingle that is catchy.Look at R-Type the ingame music is still catchy even to this day.
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