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Originally Posted by grond View Post
It is an enormous task but that isn't any different from what was expected. The FPU is a Platinum feature.

A lot of work went into the Gold release. As you probably know the last 10% are 90% of the entire work. All 68k integer instructions are now implemented and thoroughly tested, even such instructions that do not exist in Amiga software but only in MacOS.
Obviously I'm thrilled with the work they put into this Gold release, and I'm the first one to applaud the effort...
Frankly, they've done amazing things not many of us expected to ever see in Amigaland again..

..but I'm not so sure the FPU implementation is going exactly as expected. If it is, it's hard to explain Gunnar's post from May 24th in this thread:

"#For the next Release we are currently working on the integration of
1) fully pipelined = fast
and compatible 80Bit FPU
2) 128 bit SSE compatible SIMD instructions"

And now we know the AMMX is already implemented while the FPU is not... I'm sure its a tough nut to crack even for the magicians in the Apollo team, but even if its still far off, IMO I'd love to hear more about it. Can we help beta test it etc?
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