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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Emulation speed is normal at the initial Kickstart white screen, but as soon as the CLI window appears the speed jumps; WinUAE CPU% indicator is pegged to 100% and FPS about 150-200 on my laptop. It remains like that while the demo loads and decrunches, but as soon as the demo starts emulation speed returns to normal.
It probably is caused by sound autoswitch not using correct timing source when sound is temporarily switched off.

Originally Posted by zyonee View Post
Hi, Toni. I'm usually using the latest beta and I seem to be experiencing some kind of issue. I'm currently using it for testing the images when backing up a pile of Amiga disks. Sometimes I copy several disks before testing, so WinUAE is resting in the config screen after having cleared the floppy drives and clicked "Restart". As far as I understand, there should be no emulation going on at that point and any memory used for it should have been freed.

But if I leave it like that for maybe 10 minutes, it'll crash with some standard Windows error message about the application having stopped working. This is happening quite consistently.

How do I go about generating a report of what you need to investigate this issue?
It should create crash dump file, attach/email it, thanks.

GUI open state is not totally stopped state, for example it still listens for input device/HD removals/insertions.

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
I will continue testing, but looks like it is fixed
Basso Continuo ran for over 30mins with no tearing & lowest sound buffer.
Fastest possible & JIT mode is flawless to
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