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There seems to be something strange, maybe related to WASAPI pull mode because it doesn't happen when I set sound to DirectSound or disabled but emulated. Happens with 3.4.0 b1/2/3/4, not with 3.3.0. This is on Windows 10 1511 x86-64.

Load the attached config (basically a cycle-accurate A500-like config) and start emulation (needs a demo, I tested with "DOC-OnlyTheBest").

Emulation speed is normal at the initial Kickstart white screen, but as soon as the CLI window appears the speed jumps; WinUAE CPU% indicator is pegged to 100% and FPS about 150-200 on my laptop. It remains like that while the demo loads and decrunches, but as soon as the demo starts emulation speed returns to normal.
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