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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
Okay, you said that I need my HDF to be at least 21,307,392 bytes, but even if I set it at the correct geometry, I get something different. So how do I go at getting that size?
The manual geometry values you set don't change the size of the HDF file.

In WinUAE Hardfile settings it seems you can only choose a whole number of MB when creating an HDF. You could either create an HDF of at least 21MB there, or see the attached archive which contains an empty file of the exact size.

Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
Also, it's funny that if I go into T-Disk Manager and click Status, the program states that the device is functioning normally. If I do a failed format then check the status again, it then states the device is not responding.
That could indicate a deficiency in WinUAE's emulation of the error condition, or a bug in the Tecmar software since the attempted out-of-bounds access wouldn't occur on real hardware. It's much more likely that WinUAE's error response is wrong in this case.

The relevant part of the log you uploaded is this:
33-874 [18104 072-098]: SCSIEMU HD 0: 08.00.9F.E8. CMDLEN=6 DATA=0000000006987430
33-875 [18104 072-098]: -> DATAOUT=8704 ST=0 SENSELEN=0 REPLYLEN=0
33-901 [18105 113-192]: SCSIEMU HD 0: 08.00.9F.F9. CMDLEN=6 DATA=0000000006987430
33-901 [18105 113-192]: UAEHF SCSI: out of bounds, 00000000-013FF200 + 00000000-00002200 > 00000000-01400000
33-902 [18105 113-192]: -> SENSE STATUS: KEY=5 ASC=21 ASCQ=00
33-903 [18105 113-192]:
33-910 [18105 113-192]: -> DATAOUT=-1 ST=2 SENSELEN=18 REPLYLEN=0
33-910 [18105 089-199]: SCSIEMU HD 0: 03.00.9F.F9. CMDLEN=0 DATA=0000000000000000
33-911 [18105 089-199]: REQUEST SENSE length 17 (18)
33-912 [18105 089-199]:

The Tecmar drive has 417612 = 41616 sectors (numbered from 0 to 41615), but the 20MB HDF you're using only has 40960 sectors.

A SCSI READ (6) command is issued: 08 00 9F E8 11 05. That means read 17 sectors ($11 hex) starting from sector $9FE8 = 40936 decimal. So, read sectors 40936 to 40952 inclusive. That command succeeds.

The next READ command (08 00 9F F9 11 05) attempts to read 17 sectors starting from sector 40953, in other words sectors 40953 to 40969 inclusive. That fails because your HDF is too small.

WinUAE's SCSI emulation returns an error: illegal request, logical block address out of range. But that error and the length of the response was only defined in later SCSI standards, it doesn't apply to the old SASI controller in the Tecmar drive.
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