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Originally Posted by thomas View Post

Select your A4000 mode in Prefs/ScreenMode and your P96 mode with SetCgxScrMode in Startup-Sequence just before IPrefs. Then the former is used if no gfx card is present and the latter if one is there.
Almost there, but not quite.

I setup picasso96 in winuae, looks good, got the setgfxscrmode 640 480 16 one line before iprefs as per your instructions and my best effort german translating

Boot winuae over and over and it worked flawless.
Image my cf card and put into A4000 and it almost works.

I get a startup error that Picasso96 can't find the uaegfx context or some such thing. But it continues to load so i'm thinking, this is good, but upon reaching workbench, i get an error that intuition is attempting to reset workbench. Now i know this error so i usually need to shutdown my iconified upon startup dopus and the screen resets, but its in 4 colours, if i check screenprefs, it has the correct settings already and i just have to click use and it looks fine, but doesn't survive the reboot.

I reckon if i killed off dopus so the screen "could" reset, it might solve itself though not what i'm quite wanting to do since it's the every single day tool.
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