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God damn this game is hard!

First of all I wanna thank to DamienD for ordering this game to my address cause he wanted just a digital copy but still wanted to support you.

Ok its hard. That's not a minus. Like good old games makes you wanna throw the joypad when you die. I haven't done that for a long time. When I was a kid my C64 breadbin had black scars cause I was hitting it with a joystick. But that bad boy stood that with pride. Though I never raised my hand on Amiga. Maybe cause she's a girl No matter how much it deserves you can't beat PC tower that easily. Around 2k while playing PES I used to punch my monitor screen. Again I think it hurted me more.
Sorry for digression.

Yes, the game is hard. As people already mentioned power ups would be welcome.
I read in booklet that you made the game as is partialy cause you were inspired by modern iOS games and that is evident. I'm not playing games on my phone but I played Flappy birds and C64anabalt on my C64. And I see the appeal of those games. On C64 it's great when you see them work that well and that you are able to play "modern" game on 1mhz 30 year old computer while people are buying those monster phones.. But I find "iOS" games just to be a casual fun. To me they are not full comercial games as we used to. So that brings me to Reshoot. It's really, really nice casual fun and great technical achivment in short period. But if I paid the money it costs I would certianly expect a bit more. I would like levels, codes, lives, power ups and everything we used to. I'd like to be able to play it for days before I finish it. But ok that's me, I'm not moving easily towards new stuff. Maybe I'm just square like your starship Also the graphician gave new meaning to pixel art. Modern art that I don't always understand but can cope with it. Again I prefer old fashion pixel art.

All your decisions about design made on start are bold. Maybe I don't like them but I'm sure that they helped that game was finished. And that is the most important. I like transperency and projectories of homing bullets.

And one thing. I think I'm missing the far right edge of the screen when playin g on real CD32 and CRT TV. I think I noticed that too in WinUAE but I just ran it once in it. I can hear the bullets hitting enemies while I still don't see them and there's obvious gap on the left side.

And.. did I mentioned that the game is hard

Don't take anything personal I wrote. I appriciate this game really. New Amiga game in 2016 and all your night hours you dedicated to this game. Thank you!
I'm looking forward to Reshoot repeat.
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