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Make sure your HDF is at least 21,307,392 bytes (= 20808 KB) long. Open a command prompt and do Dir to show the size in bytes.

I'll try to upload a tested-working config later today.

Edit: Here's a config I used successfully.

The basic procedure, starting with a blank/empty HDF is:
  • Boot Kickstart and Workbench 1.1.
  • You might need to delete some files from the Workbench disk to make room for the Tecmar files.
  • Insert tdisk.dms in DF1:
  • Open the T-Install disk icon. Open T-card drawer and double-click T-card Installation.
  • Open T-disk drawer and double-click T-disk Installation
  • Run T-disk Manager. Click Format. Or click Status first which should print a success message. That will format the drive.
  • Exit T-disk Manager then reset, leaving your modified Workbench 1.1 disk in DF0:.
  • The Amiga boots and T-config runs. You're asked whether you want to copy the boot disk to the hard drive, say yes.
  • Eventually you can reboot, still with Workbench 1.1 in DF0:. The startup-sequence of that runs T-config which automatically transfers control to the hard drive and booting continues to Workbench.
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