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Picasso96 on WinUAE AND real Amiga

Hi Guys

I have a CF card i move between my Real Amiga 4000/040 and WinUAE - depending on the day what i'm doing, i use the same image (on CF) and move from one device to another.
I recently saw Picasso96 running on WinUAE and thought - why the hell am i NOT using THAT! Awesome.

Problem is, my 4000 is stock on a 1084S, no extra graphics card, So question is this.

If i install this onto my CF card for winuae but them move that card to my real Amiga, will it simply fail to load workbench or... will it load and screw it up, or will it realise i don't have uaegfx and boot as per normal?

Thank you.
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