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Originally Posted by Knocker View Post
They are not really that different, are they?!
The 1000 itself had several revisions with and without daughterboards. Then they had to make the PAL chips that were non-existent and get European distribution which didn't happen until well out in 1986 (anyone have dates?).
Killing off the Los Gatos team didn't speed up anything either.
Somewhere along the line they got chips with more than 48-pin legs so that mandated a layout change to use them. That was probably what begat the 500/2000 which probably have more in common with each other than the 1000.
Ramp-up of the 1000 was slow as you said, and C= probably didn't know what they wanted. The 500 was their way of reducing the price as they probably found the 1000 too expensive and the ST eating potential buyers. But at least they found out what they wanted. Even if they aborted their German design.

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