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Super Nashwan
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A508 IDE + Indivision in an A500?

Hi Guys,

Was hoping to get some advice on upgrading my Amiga 500, figured this was the place to come. I recently bought an A500 on Ebay and was wanting to pimp it out like this guy did on [ Show youtube player ] with an A508 IDE board from Kipper2k.

I'm also interested in adding an Indivision scandoubler/flicker fixer so I can hook it up to a vga monitor. This model in particular from Amigakit.

But after having looked up some pictures of these upgrades installed it looks like they would overlap each other inside the case. So what I'm wondering is would an A500 accommodate both the A508 IDE board and the Indivision at the same time? Don't want to spend the money only to find that they don't all fit.

Thanks in advance.
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