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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
Cracking video, Zeus. Really enjoyed watching it

Some absolute classics there as well. I won't go harping on about what games you 'should' have included, as these are your top 20 games, and you've selected some of the best examples anyway.

I'll agree with The Chaos Engine being the best of the 20 you reviewed. Me and a mate used to play it end-to-end on the CD32. We must have completed it dozens of times, but it was just so good to come back to!

Just for interest, I would have included Gods and Stunt Car Racer in my Top 20, but that's just me
Hi there and thanks for checking out the vid
Yeah there will always be people out there saying,...oh you should've put this game in,...should've put that game in blah blah bloody blah!!!
They have to remember this is after all my good experiences of that formats games,...not theirs, there are plenty of similar countdown vids but I don't go on moaning about if I disagree with it, it is after all as you said that persons video and choices.

Glad you enjoyed it
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