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Let me start by saying I'm a little surprised by this reply, it seems somewhat defeatist.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
What do you want to accomplish by securing the source code?
I want to accomplish the source code being publicly available.

That is, in and of itself, a worthwhile goal in my opinion - for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the historical archiving of cultural artefacts that were important to a lot of people.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Learn C, E or Modula-2 and add bells and whistles to a program no-one uses?
Well firstly if the code is public, it's not just on me to add bells and whistles, anyone can, at any point in the future.

Would I work on everything? Heck no.

Are there Amiga programs/utilities/drivers that I would very much like to add a feature to? Or fix a bug in? Heck yes.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
There is enough open source code for the Amiga already, but no-one working on it.
I'm really sorry about this, but that last sentence is just a complete misconception. We are such a small community now, we should be encouraging people who are leaving, or who have left, to bequeath their works to those they leave behind.

We would be stronger with more code. There can never be enough open source code.

I'll give you a concrete example, I've always really liked MCP, but there are some things I really want it to do, that it can't. It's been unmaintained for a few years, so there is nobody for me to ask to do the work, and at some point there will be nobody who even could do the work because the source will become lost. If I can persuade the copyright owners to release it, then there will never be a time when some suitably motivated individual can't fix a bug or add a feature to it.

Maybe nobody ever decides to do that, maybe they do. I see no reason to give up without even trying
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