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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Meynaf, I'm not talking about the odd click when a sample is played in a module, because with all 14-bit demos, there ARE no modules, it's literally an MP2 or WAV sample being played direct, and when the audio is quiet on some of these, you can hear a rhythmic regular clicking, it's really quiet but it's there. Thing is, some demo prods don't have it, most probably because the playback routines are better.
Buffer overrun ? Wrong buffer size ? Bad 14-bit calibration on the machine ? Error in the music decoder ? Error in the music itself ?
There can be many reasons, however, for sure, mere 14-bit shouldn't be doing that.

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Can someone remind me in any case how 14-bit audio works? I heard it wasn't "true" 14-bit PCM audio, just some weird mixture of the volume per channel and 8-bit PCM audio.
It's one channel playing at volume 64 (doing the top 8 bits) mixed with another playing at volume 1 (doing the bottom 6 bits). Weird mixture, but total is really 14-bit (actually slightly more due to calibration).
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