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Queries on AGA Copper and 14-bit Audio

I read somewhere that the AGA Copper is NOT 24-bit, so I couldn't, say, take 256 shades of blue only and recreate them in a copper list to fit on a 320x256 image - or have I misheard somewhere? Almost like not all bits are used to represent the levels of R, G, B.

Also, on a lot of demos that use 14-bit audio of Paula (and there are a lot more than I thought) I've noticed that when the sound first starts or fades out there is an audible clicking or pulsing - at first I thought this was just emulation but I've heard YouTube videos of real hardware that have the same issue. And yet, not ALL 14-bit audio demos are like that, some sound perfectly fine. Maybe it's different playback routines used, some worse than others?
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