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Hello Mad-Matt,

I'm glad I'm not the one one to noticed that challenge. I mostly use PPC for pictures, MP3s, and some other programs. Rarely games...but it's sweet to be able to. So, the PPC code that's been added to WinUAE is causing it? Okay, it'll probably be "fixed" or changed as the progress continues. I shall make a setting for OS 3.1 to 3.9 then.

However, OS Classic 4.1 does display Nightlong correctly when the RTGMaster.library and parts are copied correctly. I haven't changed the color mode for my OS 4.1 config. Perhaps they fixed that in the Picasso96 PPC software which is why I don't have to make changes to the color mode? Shogo, crashes either with the POPUP or without. I have Shogo for XP, so it's not a huge deal to me I'm just very curious and I know by checking around others wonder also.
That's why I'm wondering if there's something to set or a "hack" to do to Picasso96 software? I might try CyberGraphX 4 just to see if it does the same.

Appreciation for the replies and help.
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