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Wine doesn't seem to support WASAPI exclusive pull mode; if I set sound to "WASAPI EX: Default Audio Device" there is this console output on starting emulation:
fixme:alsa:AudioClient_Initialize EXCLUSIVE mode with EVENTCALLBACK
WASAPI: Initialize() 8889000A
Sorry, can't initialize sound.

and no sound plays.

I'll file a bug report about that, but possibly relevant for WinUAE is that if I then open settings and change to "WASAPI: Default Audio Device" and continue emulation, there is still no sound. It seems WinUAE doesn't attempt to (re-)initialise sound after the config change?

(If I run WinUAE and set sound to "WASAPI: Default Audio Device" before starting emulation, sound plays fine. Both exclusive and non-exclusive work under Wine with WinUAE 3.3.0 since that uses push mode.)
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