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Hello Toni,

I appreciate the reply. In "RTG board" setting UAE Zorro 3 (*) with R5G6B5PC(*) switched to R5G6B5 has solved the color challenge for Shogo MAD and Nightlong, but so far I haven't found a way to solve it with using, in the same area, "Picasso IV Zorro III (Villiage Tronic)" setting. Since the color modes aren't accessible there. Switching "RTG board to blank "-" and in Expansion and using "RTG boards", "Picasso IV Village Tronic", Picasso Flash ROM.. I haven't, yet, located a way to set the color modes there or anywhere else. I'm sure those last few settings are the Picasso IV emulation you're doesn't work here, the "Amiga" doesn't see the Picasso then even though I've changed nothing within the OS.

Until I check around more, seems UAE Zorro III (*) is the way to go. Hmm... I'll check some more later. For now, I'll use this with the above changes.
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