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Based on mere nostalgia only:

1) Sony Playstation (probably the most revolutionary console of all time)
2) Nintendo Entertainment System (caused the videogame market to re-flourish and had a huge acceptance rate)
3) SEGA MegaDrive (it was the most widespread 16bit console in Portugal and I love the design)
4) Atari 2600 (the console that started it all)
5) NEC PC-Engine (the best 8bit gaming machine ever built giving some of its 16bit rivals a run for their money)

Personally I have the PS1, the NES (clone), the PC-Engine (actually a PAL Turbografx) and the Atari 2600 (clone). I'm still missing the MegaDrive (the first gen is the prettiest). If I could get my hands on an original Atari 2600 for a fair price, I would get it as well. As consoles go I also have a PS2, a GameBoy Color, a GameBoy Advance SP and a PSP (2000). I'm more of a computer guy, though...
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