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Not sure if this helps, but here is my retro-set up in my front room

MegaDrive, MegaCD, 32X (Region Free modded + EverDrive)
Sega Saturn (Chipped / Region Free modded)
PS1(Bios Modded & Chipped)
PS2(Chipped + Internal HDD)
Game Cube (Chipped)
XBox Original (Chipped / XBMC)
Panosonic 3DO
Sega Dream Cast (Bios modded)

This lot is all hooked up to my 42" Plasma along side my Laser Disk Player (Lasers... they make everything COOL!)

Here is an early shot of it -

The stack is now black with a few more items and additional separation

I want to introduce a Wii, SNES and Possibly a 128k +2A/B Spectrum with Internal Hard Disk.
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