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Which 8 consoles would you choose?

Ok, so I have some space related limitations in my man-cave. ;-)
In the console corner I have room for 8 consoles in a grid configuration. 2 columns, 4 rows.

For now I've chosen the following 6.
2 "slots" left, but too many consoles competing for the final 2 spots. (It's not entirely unthinkable to replace one of those 6 either). It should be said that the choice is somewhat related to the number of available games I have for each system.

The chosen one's, so far.
1. CD32
3. PS1
4. Dreamcast
5. PS2
6. Saturn

Master System
PC Engine (Hu Card only)
Xbox (the first one)
NeoGeo CD

So which ones would you chose, and why? ;-)

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