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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(No need for -f, you can still use GUI normally to select config)

Log shows SCSI reads from block 0 to 15 = CSPPC driver is looking for RDB, then nothing happens.

Attach same log from 3.3.0. Does 32-bit 3.4 beta have same problem?

EDIT: Any change if you disable UAE boot ROM? (ROM panel, disabled). It of course disables lots of other features but if it has any effect on boot hang..

EDIT2: Log has strange directsound error. What if you change to WASAPI sound?

EDIT3: What about without JIT?
I used only the partition work (not bootable) to try with but that you know. Anyway with 32bit its the same. If i use all my partitions and choose unit 0 for my system and unit 1 for my work partition then it wont show the kickstart image. If i change work partition to unit 0 also then the kickstart picture appears (both unit 0)

If i use only one partition like you wanted me to test then theres no kicklayout coming at all, no matter if its unit 0 or unit 1 nor 32bits winuae.

I dont know much about audio system in pc but i had both directsound and wasapi checked. I know that on some boots on my system i cant play videos like youtube etc. Nothing happens so i have to restart the machine. I have the soundcard on motherboard off in startup (windows) and use my ESI Juli@ soundcard that i used previous in x1000. There is windows10 drivers but who knows how good they are for an older card like Juli@.

I have ziped a file with different test. With only the work partition tested like you said between winuae3.3.0 and 3.4.0.

To conlusion. To get my 2 partitions to work in winuae3.3.0 (beta3) i have to set system to unit 0 and work to unit 1. That boots my system fine. If i set work to unit 0 same as the system then the kickstart image appears and i cant boot. On winuae 3.4.0 it doesnt work whatever unit i choose.

Its probably me that dont understand how partitioning works and limits etc and maybe i got just lucky to get it to work with 3.3.0 that way. I maybe just use your time and its my error ?.
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