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Originally Posted by RadCazz View Post
Hello. I owned an A500 many moons ago. I'm trying to relive some of my fond memories of this amazing machine by using WinUAE 64-bit. I have Boing demo in rar format. It contains Boing, and boing.samples. What do I do to get it to run?

I have some games I've downloaded, like Pool of Radiance and they boot up just fine using Kickstart 1.3

I have tried reading the faqs and other forums first.

I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing but I don't remember the Amiga that well.

Thank you.

Select A500 most common from the quickstart menu. Then go to the harddrives page, click on "add directory or archive", "select archive", and select boing.rar.

When you click on Start it shold show a DOS window with a command prompt. At the prompt enter boing and press enter.

Like emufan mentioned, the boing demo should actually be run from Workbench. So if you have a Workbench 1.3 ADF, insert it into DF0 before you click on Start. Then the boing.rar should appear as harddrive on the desktop and you can run Boing by double click on its icon.
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