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Wow Toni, you made my day!

I copied from a newly configured SSD with exact same partition layout the first 512bytes of the RDB and overwrote the first 512 bytes of the 60GB HDF file I made out of the broken SSD.
(Winhex is very good for this!)

Lo and behold, the HDF now is recognized and boots. It only pops up 1 error saying "Insert volume MASTER" which seems to be gone, but that is ok, as the "Volume1" label name pointing to partition MASTER works just fine (?!)
**EDIT: found out why: as new SSD has same names, the partition names were renamed in WinUAE to MASTER_0 etc, so need to add _0 suffix**

So now I can copy off all the files and recover all my hard configuring work

And I made a backup of the RDB of the new SSD, lesson learnt

Thanks again Toni!

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