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Originally Posted by psykicko View Post
Hi. Dont know if i did it right, had to google a bit on commandline but here is what i typed in cmd on windows10. In the config i use only the controller Accelerator (Cyberstorm PPC) unit1. Partition only Work (DH1, not bootable). The screen goes black and nothing comes up. Its just waits forever. No kickstart logo or anything.

winuae64.exe -f Configurations\OS4.1FEtest.uae -log -scsiemulog
(No need for -f, you can still use GUI normally to select config)

Log shows SCSI reads from block 0 to 15 = CSPPC driver is looking for RDB, then nothing happens.

Attach same log from 3.3.0. Does 32-bit 3.4 beta have same problem?

EDIT: Any change if you disable UAE boot ROM? (ROM panel, disabled). It of course disables lots of other features but if it has any effect on boot hang..

EDIT2: Log has strange directsound error. What if you change to WASAPI sound?

EDIT3: What about without JIT?

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