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I tried to reformat now the 2nd SSD (Asmedia cradle) (which was a backup of the first) but I am stuck again at the size reported as 8.6GB
What reports size as 8.6G? OS3.9 should not have any size limits.

opening device '\\?\usbstor#disk&ven_toshiba&prod_external_usb_3.0&rev_0001#2012120120054&0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}'
device id string: 'TOSHIBA  External USB 3.0 0001 OCZ-TK91JNY5YY1I5F7C'
IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO returned size: 60022480896 (0xdf99e6000)
BPS=512 Cyls=7297 TPC=255 SPT=63 MediaType=12
device size 60022480896 (0xdf99e6000) bytes
4 MBR partitions found
empty MBR partition table detected, checking for RDB
hd accepted, not empty and not mounted in Windows
No RDB found. Something must have overwritten it if it was originally partitioned.

It may still have all the data but it would be interesting to see what was written on top of RDB.

Thomas probably can help more with utilities to use etc..
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