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hi, the games you have are most likely bootable adf / floppy images.
the rar with the single files are not, but you should unpack the rar archive, and just drag and drop the boing file into the running emulation window. ( when there is a loaded workbench, a new diskicon may appear, with the file).
or you can choose the file as df0: - should work too, not tested - so it will boot and start the file choosen.
this does work with single executable files, in most cases.
but it does fail here in my test, so you may try an adf with those old wb demos,
including boing ball.
the floppy does not autoboot, so you need a workbench disk and start the workbench first (wb 1.3 tested). put the early-wb-demo adf into df1:
btw. the boing demo starts in a background screen, so once started, you
must switch workbench screen in the back to see the boing ball ( right mouse starts it )

and this: we are not allowed to share workbench/kickstart disk/files - copyright thing - but a brave soul may help one way or theother.
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