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Eek both my external SSDs disappeared

Not sure what is going on, using 3.4.0 beta 1 (and also 3.3.0 final to be sure).
32 and 64bit versions tested

I use 2 SSDs connected by a USB3 cradle as harddrives for my 3.9 setup.

Always running WinUAE as administrator in Windows.
It worked fine for 2 weeks, perfecting my OS setup to get inserted in my real A1200.
It are 60GB drives using PFS AIO and a 3.9 ROM
Using as driver UAE (not IDE)
Read/write always enabled

Drives were NOT added to a real Amiga since I started rebuilding the OS.

Today I fire up WinUAE and no HDDs are seen by the AmigaOS (Early Startup Menu)

Drives are still listed in WinUAE 'CD & Hard drives' menu with correct info (size etc)
Drive leds do react when WinUAE starts, so they are not dead
Drives still listed in Windows Disk Management (tagged as "unallocated").

Removing and re-adding the drives in WinUAE makes no difference.
Changed with a different USB3 cradle: no change
Inserted in different USB2 and 3 port: no change

I do notice the bootpriority column in WinUAE now says n/a, blocksize still 512.

Shared windows directory is still seen as HDD (no change there)

Any ideas what is going on? Why are both drives gone at the same time?
I hope I did not lose 2 weeks of OS building...
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