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I just got home from work 2 hours ago, and found a nice suprise in my mailbox

CDROM box:
Very nice looking, with outstanding graphics, with some information on the back. I also like the Barcode RESHOOT logo.
Inside the box, there is a nice printed thin info booklet which mentioned the work in progress aspect of the High Score. Ofcourse showing off highscores is fun, and I will look forward to the implimentation. But it doesnt put ME off personally with regards to the fun I have with the game.

Fired up my A1200, and the game loaded quickly.

What one think about the graphics and music is obviously highly subjective, but I personally like it.

The music was somewhat annoying in the start, but as I progressed I enjoyed it. Maybe a feature to turn it off/on in future games, if people want to play different tunes from alternate sources? Again; I liked the music after a while.

I found the graphics to be very smooth and effective. Yes, there could be some more colors here and there, but being a guy that loves minimalistic styles, I found the graphics to be quite good. The models are 100% fine, and just adding more colors wont change the good playability.
BUT I do understand that many like more eyecandy, so putting more colors on the current models would satisfy many...? Personally doesnt bother me at all.

All in all you have a very good foundation to make more shoot'em ups, and I hope you do!
Zeusdaz had a 20 games list on his youtube channel yesterday, and Disposable Hero is also a horizontal shooter I also loved the look of.

Off to play some more RESHOOT!
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