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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
There wont be any scaling by the monitor at all if Native or largest screen resolution is selected.

You can then set 'No scaling' in winuae options and simply set Horiz. Size and Vert. Size to 2x. (Assuming Image is already being doubled in the Display Options menu). This in total 4x at 1200p with no scaling issues. at 1080p you will lose some of the overscan area at top/bottom.
Appreciate the input Mad-Matt

"No scaling" is set in all my configs. It's most probably a monitor issue; see my post #23.

When I was testing yesterday I was using my work laptop and monitor...

Using my widescreen laptop (with scaling turned off in the graphics card driver) all my configs are perfect like the first image in the 1st post of the thread.

Also, when connected to 2 x TVs (with scaling turned off / keep aspect ratio set) these configs are also perfect.

No need for me to set "Native" or play with "Horiz. Size" + "Vert. Size" = 2x
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