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just came to say Hello


i'm the new one here and i am glad to see that there are still some people taking care of my old / first love
back in 1988 we were lucky to be able to buy a used Amiga 1000 from a friend. it was equipped with a huge memory expansion of 1 MEGABYTE .. .. named "DRAM-EX" from Alphatron without any autoconfig, so everytime the memory wants to be used, the "addmem" command is needed before.

after years of gaming, playing with the tools ( like deluxePaint 1.0! and others ) i learned programming with that A1000 using MircoSoft AmigaBasic and later DevPac-assembler. this is where my interest for computers grew, as this Amiga was so much ahead of everything i saw on the PC market. later i was offered an Amiga 4000/ EC030... which is also still with me, like the A1000 ... i bought some more RAM and also a 68040 -CPUboard for the A4000 and even invested into a bigger harddrive ( 850 MB! enourmous compared to the stock 80MB )

now, i found time again to ressurect these 2 ... the A1000 is up and running, but sometimes the old chips are not having the best contacts anymore - so i'm thinking of replacing the sockets ... also the diskdrive drives me nut, sometimes the old disks are being read without a problem but suddenly the drives only makes this annoying noise and claims that the disk is "no DOS disk"... .. i'll have to clean the head again i guess.

my a4000 is giving me more to take care of... first of all i removed the battery (it was not leaking but to be safe) and replaced all Capacitors (mainboard and cpu-boards). then i had to fix the power supply as the voltage didnt reach the 4.5volts at all... a bad cap was the reason ..
now the 030 is running but am still having problems with the A3640... i reworked it (turning the caps, cleaning everything) and i also get some "lifesigns" but the Amiga wont boot up .. maybe i have to post the right questions here to get some new ideas where to look for "the root of evil" ;-)

so thats my story...
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