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Thanks to all for your feedback.

Regarding the size of the game: The reason why RESHOOT is distributed on CD-ROM is simply that this is the way most people can actually load and enjoy the game in 2016. Digital distribution was available for Patreon-supporters – and still is for any possible follow-up-game. Just visit my Patreon website :-)

There was never talk of a CD-audiotrack and in fact it would not work with RESHOOT. Why? If you play into the game for a few minutes you will realize that the soundtrack accelerates smoothly the farther you progress; also the animation is synchronized to the music. These are small details which are not immediately recognizable, but are important for the feel of the game. This simply would not be possible with CD-Audio on Amiga.

Floppy Disk: RESHOOT actually can be run from a floppy disk. The code is prepared for that and it is mentioned in the manual how to make it work: Just copy all contents except for the intro picture to a fresh 3.5. That´s it. You just need to add a startup-sequence if you want to to boot from floppy.

Highscore: As mentioned in the manual, global hi-save is a planned feature which unfortunately doesn´t work right now – the website is simply not working yet. I sincerely hope the situation will change soon. As its not in my hands I can just apologise.
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