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Ok, so have tested the game.

This is obviously just my opinion at the end of the day...

...but I must say that I'm quite disappointed for the following reasons:

a) Game is only 1.25MB in size (which doesn't really mean that much but would have expected better quality when compared to other games of equal size and also given the fact that it's running on an A1200 / CD32).
b) Sound is a bit annoying.
c) Graphics are ok but nothing special.
d) No local hi-score table.
e) Game isn't really that exciting (and trust me, I love shoot 'em ups).

I just think for the price it's not really worth it; if it was half the price and available as a digital download (remember I had to purchase the complete package; which I wasn't interested in just to get the files).

You guys know me, of course any new game for the Amiga in this day and age is most welcome. I support loads of different projects but again, regarding this, I do feel let down

Anyway, I really hope that in future you guys can create something better with this engine / from what you've learnt; especially if you are going to set a ludicrous price tag equal to the latest PC / console game
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