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WASAPI audio on Windows 10

I was reading an MSDN article on low-latency audio, and noticed it mentions some improvements in Windows 10:

"Starting in Windows 10 , WASAPI has been enhanced to:
  • Allow an application to discover the range of buffer sizes (i.e. periodicity values) that are supported by the audio driver of a given audio device. This makes it possible for an application to choose between the default buffer size (10ms) or a small buffer (<10ms) when opening a stream in shared mode. If an application does not specify a buffer size, then it will use the default buffer size.
  • Allow an application to discover the current format and periodicity of the audio engine. This allows applications to snap to the current settings of the audio engine.
  • Allow an app to specify that it wishes to render/capture in the format it specifies without any re-sampling by the audio engine
The above features will be available on all Windows devices. However, certain devices with enough resources and updated drivers will provide a better user experience than others.
The above functionality is provided by a new interface, called IAudioClient3, which derives from IAudioClient2."

Could those new features be any use for WinUAE? It could allow sound buffer size setting of 1 to always correspond to the smallest buffer supported by the specific audio driver.

It looks like there's also IAudioClient2::GetBufferSizeLimit which seems to serve a similar purpose? That's supported from Windows 8 on.
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