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Shogo (odd green color)

Hello everyone,

I've noticed something I'm curious about. I have an Amiga 4000 Desktop and Amiga 4000T in a self-made Tower but the Motherboard is A4000T. I have a Picasso 4 and Picasso96 software installed for it. A CSPPC 060/50 and 604e/200 with 128MB RAM. Picasso96 is I've installed Shogo MAD, used to CD and made dump of the directory structure since I don't play the pretty decent cool music from the CD, when when only listening to music.

When loading the program (Shogo), the colors and the Startup screen all look as they should but the menu is response in either machine. Sometimes the Amiga(s) can get the game to pre-load data..and "Press any key." will show, other times...PPC crashes. So I understand the Classic Amiga hardware might not be enough, and I don't want to "upgrade" the PPC just to play this game...though I have considered it; for other games also. Otherwise, everything I use the PPC for is great.

Enter WinUAE...which I've also donated to. I love the speed and the "Fastest Possible" CPU option, WOW!! I don't mean World of Warcraft, haha! Shogo loads much quicker and the play is much better than my original hardware. Problem with Nightlong, the graphics are "corrupt"?? For Shogo the "blue" or "purple" background in the animated menu has a lot of green. I'm what's considered "color blind" (Weird, since I do see colors, why do they call it 'blind'?? Anyway..)

After a bit of challenge solving, renaming libraries, swapping DataTypes (060 vs PPC) even though SnoopDOS 3 shows they aren't used, and checking Picasso96Mode, etc, etc...I finally noticed that if I have (WinUAE 3.3.0) Workbench set at 1024x768x24, or whatever resolution, the Shogo screen switches between the correct colors and the "green" color. It's like switching from regular to black light. HAHA! I've tried using UAEGfx, but Shogo won't recognize those IDs. If I leave it at 1024x768x8 or x16 then it stays at green, and the game play is also funky...but seems to be smooth as it should be.

Anyone know anything I could do to get the correct blue/purple colors to stay and Shogo/Nightlong look like they should? I love the speed, Nemac 4, Genetic Species and others are super fun to play with that speed. I love being able to choose WinUAE or A4K...and some games the Zero60 just won't play, so it's awesome to have Kick 1.3 and 68000.

Since the correct colors are "switching" I figure there's something I missed and perhaps this will help someone else. If I find a solution, and I've been looking, before there's a reply I'll reply and update.

I appreciate and all help, fellow Amigans.
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