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Sound issue with 2nd monitor...

Hi there,

I have WinUAE set up to display on my 1st monitor in full window with magic mouse and my Windows taskbar resides on screen two.
The "disable sound when inactive" checkmark is unchecked because of that.

Listening to some sid tunes in delitracker I felt the need to set the emu to 4ch audio.

For some strange reason I moved my mouse from workbench to the windows tray icon on the other
screen to open the configuration .
I don't know why I didn't just use F12 as the other 1000 times.

After a right klick, to open the WinUAE menu, the sound got stuck in something like an endless loop of the last sample in the (emu?)buffer. Until you either select something or close the menu again, by klicking elsewhere.

With "disable sound when inactive" checked it works as intended. It mutes the sound as soon as I open the tray menu.

The menu freezes the emulator anyway.
Is it possible for the menu to mute the sound for the time it is open and unmute it when it's closed again? Regardles of the emu settings.

Not really an issue since I usually just press F12, but I want to mention it anyway.
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