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Back when I used to have my Amigas back in the day, I was more interested in creative uses - even if I never actually produced anything worthy of sharing with anyone. So most of the time I was playing around in Deluxe Paint IV, or PPaint, Imagine 2.0 or any number of others that I can't remember now.

I played a few games, but usually just the ones that were already installed on the hard disk of my A1200 when I got it - Syndicate, Civilisation and a few others. But I was more interested in creative uses.

Fast forward to now, and the joys of WHDLoad, and it appears from what I've read and seen, that most people saw the Amiga as a gaming platform, and that I may have missed out on some great games.

So, now that I've got my A600, can anyone suggest some games that they really enjoyed back then, or still do now, that don't need AGA or anything above a 68000, that will run nicely on my A600?

Thanks in advance.
Defender of the crown was one of my favourites.

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