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Periodic "stuttering" and large CPU usage

I was going to post this in the 3.4 beta thread but then noticed it happens with 3.3.0 too... I suppose this could be graphics driver or OS bug.

Dell D830, Nvidia Quadro NVS135M driver 341.96, Windows 10 1511 x86-64. Windows desktop 1920x1200 50Hz.

A500-like cycle-exact config, just sitting at the insert Workbench screen.

Line mode set to double, fields+ because that shows up any timing glitches very clearly.

D3D, no buffering or triple buffering, no vsync: initially CPU% ~20 with FPS ~49.8. But after a few seconds, goes to CPU% 100%, FPS dips to about 27. When that happens, the display seems to only/mostly show odd fields (or only even). Then it returns to the normal CPU and FPS again for a while.

There doesn't seem to be anything relevant in the log.

The problem doesn't seem to occur when line mode is set to Double. In fact it only seems to happen with Double, fields+ line mode.
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