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Toni Wilen
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Beta 3:

- PCI ES1370 fixed.
- (Missed from b1 log): CPU Idle logic has been completely changed, now it only has two states, inactive and active. Active state changes internal CPU speed state to approximate and active equals fastest possible mode. Old logic was never good enough. CPU usage was never low enough and it didn't prevent audio glitches.
- Another b1 missed log entry: conditional register breakpoints, break when any CPU register matches (equals, smaller, larger, range). More information in debugger help.
- Do not use new CPU Idle mode in PPC-only configs.
- Low latency vsync really fixed. Can also fix other CPU usage related problems in other modes.
- Hardware info panel up/down button disable logic improved.
- Bitplane DMA overrun 1 cycle adjustment, now it matches real A1200 100%. Possible Disk/Audio/Sprite DMA slot conflicts are not yet emulated. (Causes graphics glitches on real hardware)
- uaegfx vblank interrupt hang fixed.
- Network OSD led was invisible.
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